Part Holding

Custom Fixturing & Part Holding

Part holding and fixturing during the marking cycle can be critical in achieving a high quality, repeatable mark. Our team of designers have extensive experience in designing custom part holding fixtures for parts and components across all industries.

Part Holding – Overview

Whilst we offer a range of standard accessories for part holding across all our standard marking machines, it is often the case that our customers require something bespoke to hold their parts. A well-designed fixture can easily be the difference between a trouble free marking process and issues with quality and repeatability, and we are happy to work with you to design and supply custom fixtures to be used with our standard range of marking products

Over the years, and after supplying countless custom fixtures, the function of a fixture has also changed. Introducing proximity sensors, Poka-Yoke design and 2D codes, a fixture can now very easily become part of the process control and error proofing for your process. Options include:

  • Part specific tooling
  • 3D printed fixtures
  • Quick change fixtures
  • Custom clamping
  • Poke-yoke systems for part type detection and confirmation

See our Case Studies area for examples of previous work

“A custom fixture is the first step in a bespoke system that works specifically for an individual customer. It can improve quality, reduce errors, and make the operators job much easier.”

Matt | Support