Part Marking Vision Systems

Part marking vision systems play a key role in the marking – validation – verification process, and are now used to help guide the marking machine to the marking area as well as carrying out checks to determine that the correct part has been loaded. We have a wealth of experience in the area so please talk to us about how a vision system could improve your marking process.

Part Marking Vision Systems – Overview

  • Vision guidance for mark placement

A camera integrated into the marking head can be trained to detect a feature on the part that will be marked. Software is then used to offset and align the data to be marked relative the feature. If you are working to tight tolerances or have a large variation in part positioning during marking, this is the solution.

Visions guidance

  • OCR and OCV of human readable marked text

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Optical Character Verification (OCV) play a key role in ensuring that any human readable data marked onto your parts is readable, correct and to specification. We would general encourage our customers to carry out any OCR/OCV at the point of marking to make sure that any issues are detected immediately.

Optical Character Recognition

  • Data matrix verification against industrial standards

Machine readable identification markings are essential in modern manufacturing and often dictated to suppliers by OEM’s. Pryor have a wealth of knowledge in understanding and implementing marking process that meet industrial standards. This is especially true for the aerospace, automotive, and defence sectors. Part marking vision systems are a crucial addition to your manufacturing process if you are required to verify 2D identification  marks to a certain standard

Data Matrix Verification

See our Case Studies area for examples of previous work

“We have had huge success integrating visions systems to our marking solutions. From identifying that the correct fixture or part has been loaded to verifying the mark against a specification, a vision system can do so much.”

Jack | Engineer