Bespoke Marking Workstations

Having a marking station designed and built to meet your requirements can provide huge advantages to your production process. Our bespoke workstations can be built using any marking technology (dot peen, laser, scribe, electro-chemical etching) and provide you with a semi-automated marking solution that fits in with the rest of your processes


Taking a standard marking machine and building a workstation around it is a great way of adding value to your marking process. A purpose built marking station can; reduce cycle times, automate the marking process, improve the quality of marks, and reduce the risk of part damage.

We have experience of building solutions around all marking technologies and for handling a huge range of parts from all manufacturing industries. Options include:

  • Bespoke laser marking workstations for complex or large components
  • Localised shrouding to reduce noise levels and increase operator safety
  • Custom dot peen marking stations with multiple axis of movement

See our Case Studies area for examples of previous work:

“Our bespoke workstations can have a huge impact on a customers process. For example, introducing a large, indexing table into a laser enclosure changes the operation from a ‘one in-one out’ operation to a batch process capable of marking hundreds of parts in one cycle.”

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